Luna Elle Is an Old Soul

How this musician honed her mature, Sade-esque sound and nabbed a Juno nom—all before turning 20

A Tour of Canada’s Coolest Collections

These obsessive hunters amass hundreds of Coke cans, Nintendo games, VHS tapes and more

Naheed Nenshi Loves the Drama

Calgary’s centrist ex-mayor will have to win over skeptical NDP voters—and take on Danielle Smith—to reclaim Alberta. He’s looking forward to it.

A Small But Mighty Miniature Show

An Edmonton exhibit showcases everyday objects shrunk to dollhouse proportions

Rick Mercer Isn’t Done Talking to You

And he’s on the road again

Miss Gray- daughter of Duncan Gray

A Voyage to the North

A new exhibit chronicles daily Indigenous life in northern Ontario in the ’50s and ’60s

TikTok’s Reigning Math Queen

One and a half million math converts have flocked to Santos’s @onlinekyne account for camp explanations of quadratic equations and square roots

A boy in a jacket and sweatpants holding a tennis racket

Montreal’s Gabriel Diallo is a tennis giant in the making

At 22 (and six-foot-eight), Diallo is a towering presence at the net, drawing comparisons to another Canadian upstart: Milos Raonic

The Canadian doctor who helped invent Ozempic

Decades ago, Toronto researcher Daniel Drucker co-discovered a hormone that paved the way for today’s most-talked-about drug. Does he get the hype? Yes and no.

A split photo of a young person with dark hair, light skin, and dark eyes. On the left they are sitting down and on the right they are resting their chin on their hand.

How Calgary’s Kablusiak made Inuit art pop 

The Inuvialuk artist’s oeuvre—complete with Furbies, soapstone tampons and satirical selfie backgrounds—has garnered plenty of attention, a bit of outrage and even a Sobey Art Award

A photo of a storefront with signs reading "BARBER SHOP: TWO CHAIRS" and "HEBNER'S TAXI 526-2217". In front of the storefront are two men in conversation.

This new exhibit showcases six decades of quirky Canadian street photography 

Canadian photojournalist Ian MacEachern shoots iconic street scenes and eccentric characters