Danny Williams


Danny Williams: From folk hero to movie star

The former Newfoundland premier keeps a stranglehold on his own narrative in a new NFB documentary
Inside the wild, wonderful world of ‘Dannyland’

Inside the wild, wonderful world of ‘Dannyland’

Former premier Danny Williams is betting billions on the Rock
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Newsmakers: Apr. 19-26, 2012

John Edwards heads to court, St. John’s mayor takes on Harper, and Lindsay Lohan returns to the big screen
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A new development for Danny Williams

The former Newfoundland and Labrador premier is the sole developer of an entire new suburb for St. John’s
Love the team—hate the name

Love the team—hate the name

Newfoundlanders are up in arms over St. John’s new hockey team being named after a popular Tim Hortons beverage

Newsmakers: June 9 - 16, 2011

A 65-year murder mystery solved, Bieber takes a beating, and Danny Williams has got game

This week: Newsmakers

Danny Williams’s big snit, the Barefoot Contessa gets raked over the coals, and can one million Leafs owners be wrong?