Deficits are here to stay. But how sustainable is that?

The days of endless deficits are back, and with minority government pressures and economic trouble ahead, that’s a problem
Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau and Finance Minister Morneau walk to the House of Commons to deliver the budget on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

The Liberals are spending far more than they said they would

Economist Stephen Gordon unpacks the federal government’s finances to explain why the deficit is so much bigger than Trudeau promised
Justin Trudeau; Kathleen Wynne

Justin Trudeau’s economic promises off to a sluggish start

Trudeau Report Card: When will the government’s economic plans for bigger deficits pay off?
Stephen Gordon

How the Liberals could balance the budget—if they have the will

With the budget, the Liberals have taken a page out of the Conservative plan for program expenditures. But there are many reasons to think it won’t work.
Stephen Gordon

Why has federal tax revenue exceeded projections?

While it makes sense that weakened economic growth would lower government revenues, it’s getting harder to make that story fit the data
Canada’s Finance Minister Jim Flaherty delivers the federal budget in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

The Commons: Jim Flaherty toasts his fine work

The deficit will be eliminated. Somehow.
Alison Redford bitumen bubble

Public deficit: between shining federal figures and bitumen bubbles

Isn’t it time to start counting all of our public debt?