The battle for the soul of Muskoka

A Toronto real estate developer is building a mansion on Ontario’s fanciest leisure lake. The neighbours are doing whatever they can to stop him.
Fipke at his home (Photograph by Kathleen Fisher)

A developer is building condos in a Kelowna millionaire’s front yard. Let the battle begin.

Diamond-mining magnate Chuck Fipke is launching a lawsuit against the developer and the City to save his slice of the waterfront
Congolese refugees queue for porridge at the Nyakabande refugee transit camp in Kisoro town

A plan to save the world in 2015

The United Nations set eight ambitious goals for 2015 to dramatically improve global health and welfare. How close will it come to hitting its targets?
Work Continues On The Proposed Site Of Donald Trump’s Golf Course

Top Scot vs. Donald Trump

John Geddes on the serious issues behind an oddball story

Enough with the NIMBY neighbours in Guelph

Opinion: high-density housing near campus makes sense
The last of his kind

Stephen Bronfman is betting big on Montreal’s future

Bronfman’s famous relatives fled the city long ago
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U de M’s future neighbours upset over second campus

Residents of bordering area say they were left out of public consultations
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Ottawa’s stimulus fiasco

A circus school, a ferry to nowhere, lawn-bowling greens. This is vital infrastructure?
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The house Maclean’s built

Residents battle a developer over the fate of J.B. Maclean’s home
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Calgary’s sinkholes multiply

’They’re not sure where all the earth went,’ said one woman