Mount Baker over Victoria B.C.

I’ve spent six years earthquake-proofing my house in anticipation of B.C.’s Big One

Experts warn of a one-in-three chance of Victoria being shaken by earthquakes in the next 50 years. I’m doing all I can to prepare.

The Big One is coming to Los Angeles, but nobody knows when

A major earthquake along the San Andreas Fault is long overdue, and the risk of floods in California is even more costly
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The numbers behind the Yukon earthquake

Just how common are earthquakes like the one that shook the border between B.C. and Yukon?
Japan, one year later

Photo gallery: Japan, one year after the tsunami

Residents fight to rebuild their lives amid ghost towns radioactive worms and disaster tourists
tsunami rotator

Japan, one year later

A lot has changed but the country is still scarred by the earthquake and tsunami
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Earthquake rattles New Zealand

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake rocked recovering Christchurch days before Christmas
Come visit— for free!

Visit Japan—for free!

The Japan Tourism Agency will offer 10,000 free round-trip airfares to foreigners to visit the country next year
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In Sichuan, it’s all better now

No one can deny the Chinese have spent billions on rebuilding in Sichuan. But money isn’t everything.
Diapers from the mafia

Diapers from Japan’s mafia

The yakuza stepped in quickly to provide tsunami relief, and are reaping the benefits