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5 Ways an Online MBA Can Help You Take Charge of Your Career

Plus: Everything you need to know about the University of Fredericton’s highly sought-after program

Introducing the 2024 3M National Teaching Fellowship Award Winners

Meet the university and college educators who, through leadership and dedication to teaching, are making a difference.
Year Ahead 2024 copy

The Year Ahead: Our Guide To 2024

Our annual look at what’s coming your way this year
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"Financially, it would be catastrophic": A university principal on Quebec’s tuition hikes

Sébastien Lebel-Grenier, principal and vice-chancellor at Bishop’s University, says that Bishop’s could lose 90 per cent of its out-of-province students—forcing the university to slash a quarter of its budget

Why a college degree matters right now

Canada relies on colleges to train the workforce of the future. The Maclean’s Ultimate Guide to Canadian Colleges provides a roadmap for the students of tomorrow.
An illustration of rows of kids with smartphones in their hands and a teacher standing in front of them

Big Idea: Teach kids about misinformation 

With the rampant spread of fake news and conspiracy theories, Canadian students would benefit from extra lessons in BS detection.

The Maclean’s University Guidebook is here to help

Introducing the ultimate guide on how to navigate the application process and get into the best school for you
University admissions roundtable

What universities really think about your application

We asked admissions officers from three top schools to talk about how they’re choosing this year’s class of students 

What I spent last month as a Canadian university student

The price of an undergrad degree has never been higher. Here, three university students describe their typical after-tuition expenses, in their own words.
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My students are using ChatGPT to write papers and exams—and I support it

“It made no sense to ban ChatGPT within the university. It was already being used by 100 million people.”