Election 2011

Stephen Harper as Rich Little

A new video shows a little levity from the 2011 campaign trail

The new 338-seat reality

Preparing for 30 new seats to fill

Upon further review, the Conservatives discover they did it

An admission of responsibility for robocalls in Saskatchewan


How many Pierre Poutines are out there?

Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher review the latest numbers from Elections Canada.


‘No one is more surprised than I am’

Peter Penashue has released a letter to his constituents.


Does Peter Penashue have anything to say for himself?

Last week, the Intergovernmental Affairs Minister seemed to say that he’d have something to say today, but it now doesn’t seem there will be any kind of public statement from Mr. Penashue.


Penashue to explain himself, eventually

Peter Penashue emerged from the House after QP this afternoon to comment on the questions about his election campaign. Or at least to say that he will be commenting next week.


More questions for Peter Penashue

Laura Payton raises more questions about Peter Penashue’s election campaign. Chris Hall wonders when the Intergovernmental Affairs Minister will be allowed to respond.


The post-Etobicoke Centre future of elections

Stephen Thiele and Gavin Tighe, Borys Wrzesnewskyj’s lawyers, consider the ramifications of the Supreme Court’s decisions.