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A woman walks past a coffee shop which closed because of the COVID-19 virus, Wednesday March 18, 2020 in Ottawa. (Adrian Wyld/CP)

The Prime Minister finally addressed independent workers, and it’s one step in the right direction

Andrew Cash: Until now, it’s been acceptable for employers and governments to shrug off any responsibility for freelancers, contract, gig workers

Three ways the federal budget will affect the lives of Canadians’

The budget addressed employment insurance, daycare and affordable housing and jobs for your children.
Alberta Well Reclamation 20161030

Why Ottawa’s program for funding job retraining needs to change

While Western provinces have been hit hard by lower oil prices, federal money for retraining unemployed workers has failed to keep pace

The unintended consequences of boosting parental leave

Changing EI parental leave provisions may change the season of births in Canada and the distribution of health, education, and development outcomes
Sept 30 long-term disability

The risk we all face but aren’t talking about

Getting sick is something we all face. But, what happens to you in such a situation depends very much on where you work and who you work for.
Mike Moffatt

If you want to reform EI to boost hiring, go back to the 1990s

The Liberals propose dusting off an old EI-reform program that would avoid the flaws in the government’s Small Business Jobs Credit
Mike Moffatt

The dangerous, misguided flaw in the small business tax credit

The Harper government’s new boutique tax credit makes it better for some companies to fire workers or cut their pay than to hire new ones
Stephen Gordon

Why the new EI tax credit could do more harm than good

Reducing payroll taxes, like EI premiums, is good policy. Too bad that’s not what the Harper government chose to do.
Robert Ghiz

Maverick Watch: PEI edition

When party discipline transcends federal-provincial distinctions

Dustin from Calgary gets results

The Finance Minister is listening apparently