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How to fight the climate crisis with electricity

Canada can cut its emissions by scaling up one of our oldest technologies
Climate action protestors gather in front of the PMO office in Ottawa, Nov. 22, 2021. (Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press)

On energy and climate, politics is the problem

Nik Nanos and Brendan Frank: Climate disasters are piling up, and the public discourse around climate is getting more ambitious

Eight charts to watch on climate and energy in 2022

Chart Week 2022: Electric car sales are supercharged, climate change is scorching crop production, and women are underrepresented in Alberta’s energy sector

The Trans Mountain pipeline and the end of the ‘veto’ fallacy

Today’s appeal court ruling rejects the notion of First Nations having a veto over oil projects. But it’s not the end of the legal saga.
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It’s time to leverage Canada’s energy advantage into a geopolitical one, too

Opinion: Pipeline projects and energy developments will allow Canada to flex more influence on the world stage—and weaken the grip of bad international actors

How the Trans Mountain pipeline became a political dumpster fire

Internecine party squabbles, centuries’ worth of broken promises to First Nations and the country’s nastiest rhetorical swill: that’s a lot for one pipeline to carry
Chrysler To Repay $7.53 Billion In Government Loans By June

Oil exports drive Canada’s trade surplus with the U.S.

Econ-o-metric: Canadian arguments about balanced trade with the U.S. don’t matter to Trump. His NAFTA logic says deficits are for losers, full stop.
London Knights goalie Michael Houser stands in front of his net during their round-robin Memorial Cup ice hockey game in Shawinigan, Quebec

How hockey can change its energy-hogging, carbon-spewing ways

It takes a huge amount of hot water to make the ice in hockey rinks. How technology is helping rinks go green.
Paul Wells

Justin Trudeau, man of substance

You can dislike what the Liberal leader is proposing, but he sure is proposing stuff. Paul Wells on Justin Trudeau’s carbon proposal
Solar panels of local mining company CAP are seen in the Atacama Desert

Will Tesla’s home battery really bring power to the people?

Tesla’s Powerwall battery pack could help homes go off-grid. Just don’t toast bread and make coffee at the same time.