Cressida Bonas2

Prince Harry breaks up with ’too needy’ Cressida Bonas

For a while it looked like a fairy tale, now come the recriminations
Woman with a diamond ring

Keeping up with the Anistons

Spurred by celebrity engagement bling, women go big on rings as wallets groan
Active and Collaborative Learning

How students rate their experiences at 62 Canadian schools

Results from the National Survey of Student Engagement
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They’re golden

A fairy-tale romance, yes, but the union of Will and Kate is also an economic juggernaut, moving product and reviving industries
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The gown dilemma

It’s not just Kate Middleton’s big day. It’s her biggest fashion test.
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The ring’s cycle

Princess Di chose the stone that her son’s new fiancée wears with pride
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A common occurrence

Prince William isn’t unusual in wedding a commoner—royals just don’t marry royals anymore
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PHOTOS: The pageantry of the past

Over the last century, royal weddings have become grand public spectacles. Thousands gather to watch shows of uncommon refinement—and ordinary optimism.
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Learning from past mistakes

Why William and Kate’s royal marriage may actually work out
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Date nights

From ‘wobbles’ to wedding plans: William and Kate meet, break up and make up