Alibay programmed NASA’s Perseverance rover to visit several sites on Mars, including the Jezero Crater, a dried-up lake bed (Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS)

A NASA engineer on Mars and life in the universe: ’It would be very lonely if it were only us’

Farah Alibay’s fixation with knowing how things work led to a career pondering life’s biggest questions
Ishwar Puri (courtesy McMaster University)

Innovating in a bigger pond: McMaster’s engineering dean heads to California

Paul Wells talks to Ishwar Puri about California versus Canada, the changing nature of education, and what happens when the worlds of politics and research collide

How engineers are engineering change on the gender gap

Opinion: Levelling the gender gap is important as a point of principle—as well as for the economy. And change is starting to happen in engineering.
C-CORE Team setting Argos Beacons on PIIa. (Carl Howell/C-CORE)

Global warming makes ice forecasting a hot field

Ice forecasting — meteorology, oceanography, and a lot of thermodynamics — is a growing field, as climate change makes the Arctic more accessible
India Train Bombings

Why do so many jihadis have engineering degrees?

Two researchers comb through the records and discover that religious faith doesn’t drive Islamist terrorism

Why don’t future engineers learn real-world skills in school?

From 2015: Many engineering graduates don’t feel confident they can build anything. Experts say the schools are letting them down. How can that be?
McGill University campus

Starting engineering school? Aim for 80-plus.

Admission is competitive, as shown by these average final-year high school grades
McMaster University students

McMaster engineers angry over alcohol ban

Students say they’re being punished for the actions of a few
startup story 1

Entrepreneurs get head starts on campus

Waterloo’s VeloCity and Ryerson’s DMZ nurture startups