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Rising water level causes flood at Rongshui Miao Autonomous County on July 2, 2017 in Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China. Continues rain raised the water level of Rong River 5.4 meters higher than the warning line, and left Rongshui county flooded on July 2. (VCG/Getty Images)

Weather disasters cost $344 billion in 2017, the most expensive year ever

A new report from a reinsurance company tallies the total global economic cost of last year’s many disasters, and these photos capture the devastation

Tropical storm Rina was the 17th named storm of the year, and that’s rare

Have you ever wondered how a hurricane gets its name? Or who chooses names like Harvey, Irma, and Jose?

‘It looked like a spaceship’: What it’s like to be caught in a sandstorm

‘It hurts tremendously. Imagine being sandblasted.’

‘Run! It’s coming this way’: What it’s like at the centre of a tornado

‘My husband had to pry her hand away from that table. She never did hear me screaming for her.’

‘It came right through the shop’: How to endure a B.C. mudslide

‘An eight-foot wide creek that wasn’t there before was now in my backyard’

‘This is like a living thing’: How it feels to escape a wildfire

‘It’s absolutely beautiful and absolutely terrifying at the same time’

‘I felt awe and fear’: New Orleans in the middle of Katrina

‘We would see a piece of someone’s roof fly by. We could see a tree fly by.’

‘You don’t know what’s under your feet’: How to survive a North Pole storm

‘When it blows that much, the snow can cover open water’

How storm surges, landslides and tornadoes can make hurricanes even more dangerous

Climatologist David Phillips explains how hurricanes can trigger more natural disasters, which make recovery that much more difficult for devastated areas.

Hurricane Irma: Florida’s devastation in photos

Hurricane Irma may have weakened to a tropical storm, but the ferocious winds and rain pummelled Florida. Two-thirds of the State remains without power, and cities, households and businesses face billions of dollars in clean-up costs. Here is a look at the damage wrought by the storm after it passed over Florida.        …

Are extreme hurricanes linked to climate change?

The field known as “attribution science” might have the answer

Canada’s not ready for a future of massive storms

Floodplain maps are out of date, insurance is inadequate and few of Canada’s cities are prepared to deal with the looming crisis