Here’s how I became the first farmer to harvest truffles in the Okanagan

"One bite was all I needed to understand why some chefs pay thousands of dollars for a box of truffles."

I’m a third-generation farmer. This industry needs more skilled labour to survive.

“As my dad’s generation moves into retirement, we face a growing threat: reduced access to skilled labour”

Why we need to embrace the future of farm-tech

The next agricultural revolution will be digitized. Canada needs to help its farmers buy in.
Stone, 10, with her 4-H steer Turbo, on the family farm near Westerose, Alta., in May (Photograph by Amber Bracken)

Her hands to larger service for her club, her community and her country

To some, the 4-H pledge can seem a corny throwback to a bygone, agrarian era. But each year, it inspires thousands of Canadian farm kids to take on projects that provide insight into how we feed ourselves. It’s never been needed more.

The biggest piece of land for sale in Canada right now

Anthony Markus started farming in Manitoba’s Carrot Valley with $10,000 and 400 acres. Today his property is part of a 24,000-acre parcel up for sale for $53 million.
Farm equipment Alberta Canada

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The history of the environmental movement in Britain emerges from several strands. Its roots in the extreme right wing are usually ignored.

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