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Conservative supporters react to polling results at party headquarters in Regina on Oct. 21, 2019 (Jeff McIntosh/CP)

338Canada: What did the polls say in 2019?

Philippe J. Fournier: In their final federal polls of the 2019 campaign, Canada’s pollsters did very well. The miss was largely in underestimating the Conservatives.

The Bloc Québécois, on the coattails of the CAQ

Philippe J. Fournier: A 338Canada analysis shows it was the Bloc—not the Conservatives—that did best where the CAQ had dominated last year

The new Liberal voter coalition looks a lot like the last one

Only 62 ridings changed hands on election night, and Liberals won many of the same voters as 2015. A deep dive into Statistics Canada shows where the Tories fell short.

Who wins Election 2019 under a ranked-ballot system

Philippe J. Fournier: The system the Liberals once favoured would have benefitted that party—and exposed a real Conservative weakness

Andrew Scheer’s moment of truth

Stephen Maher: The Tory leader has to convince caucus that he knows what went wrong and can fix it. They’d be wise to be suspicious of the explanations offered.

Here are all of Justin Trudeau’s promises in federal election 2019

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won re-election—and now lead a minority government. Here’s what they have planned—and what their opposition wants, too

’In response to this tragedy we are redoubling our efforts’

Letters to the editor, Oct. 29, 2019: Readers weigh in on the controversy surrounding Fiera Foods, the end of a long federal campaign and a domestic violence crisis

A 338Canada analysis: Where the Conservatives lost

Philippe J. Fournier: A riding-by-riding breakdown of the election results shows the Conservatives’ biggest weaknesses—and a troubling urban-rural divide
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Andrew Scheer must find a way to the East

Time for Conservatives to reckon with the message they were selling, which worked great in two provinces, but inadequately in the other eight

What the Liberals stirred up

Paul Wells: Trouble is brewing after Monday’s results. But if this caucus could muster no empathy for Jane Philpott, who expects it to try harder with Alberta?