01 Judy Chicago photo by Donald Woodman (1)

Artist Judy Chicago brings the smoke to Toronto Biennial of Art

Acclaimed artist Judy Chicago is presenting her famous “smoke sculptures” north of the border for the first time
A courtroom sketch of Raniere’s 2020 sentencing hearing; he was given 120 years in prison (Jane Rosenberg/Reuters)

How NXIVM got smart women to abandon their judgment

A new book, ’Don’t Call It a Cult,’ delves into the multiple layers to Keith Raniere’s crimes and cruelties and his sex cult’s ugly spin on empowerment
Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende on her lifelong feminism and the women who made her career possible

Beloved Chilean-American writer Isabel Allende talks to Brian Bethune about her new book, ’The Soul of a Woman’
Harvey Weinstein In Court For Arraignment Over New Indictment For Sexual Assault

The first crop of #MeToo books reflect the movement’s complexity

The meme unleashed discussion of gendered inequities, including the continuing wage gap and the nature of consent

Fake feminist? Trudeau’s track record for appointing women looks real.

Figures show women filling more plum posts since his Liberals took power, with marked jumps in appointments to Governor in Council and deputy minister positions
Justin Trudeau

What we’ve missed in the conversation about Justin Trudeau’s alleged grope

Opinion: The response to the ’Kokanee grope’ revealed the poison in the discourse offered by some bad-faith partisan actors—and some uncompromising feminists
Maryam Monsef

Maryam Monsef: There is no Liberal form of feminism. There is simply feminism.

On the heels of a social media debate between Status of Women minister Maryam Monsef and Conservative MP Michelle Rempel about the meaning of feminism, Maclean’s asked both to write. Ms. Rempel was unable to file by deadline. Here is Ms. Monsef’s submission.

Does Justin Trudeau’s feminism shut conservative women out of the conversation?

Around the world, Trudeau is praised for being a champion for women’s empowerment. But here at home, Conservative women are asking: Who made Trudeau an expert?
2018 Women’s March In Berlin

Meg Wolitzer writes ’The Female Persuasion’ for the #MeToo era

In an interview, novelist Wolitzer is upbeat about the number of women in U.S. politics—and female writers winning big awards

How one woman challenged Canada’s macho rock-climbing world

Jan Redford’s memoir about rock-climbing, family life and feminism is right on time for the age of #MeToo