Terminal 5 of New York's JFK airport amid the novel coronavirus pandemic on May 13, 2020 (JOHANNES EISELE/AFP via Getty Images)

The guilty pleasures of pandemic travel

Scott Gilmore: If your travel is essential, then you’re in for a treat. The pandemic offers a glimpse into a forgotten world when flying wasn’t hell.

Canada’s aviation industry faces existential headwinds—and that affects you

Opinion: A pilot-training crisis is threatening to make Canada’s aviation sector unsustainable—which would lead to under-served northern communities and more cancelled flights
Airplane Incidents 20180220

Outdated medical gear is putting airplane passengers at risk

Opinion: Medical distress on planes is rising—but what each airline keeps handy, and how flight crews are trained to respond, varies wildly

Our increasing obsession with flying, and hating every second of it

Peter Shawn Taylor: If flying is such a complaint-ridden, exhausting nightmare, why is the rate of air travel heading relentlessly skywards?
Air Travel in Canada

Why are flights in Canada so expensive?

Air travel in Canada costs a small fortune, but new budget airlines are hoping to give you a break.
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Does reclining your airline seat make you an awful person?

It’s not just a question of whether it’s unethical to recline, but also whether airlines should even install reclining seats in the first place
Air Canada Boeing 767-300ER (C-GHLT)

Security gaps persist in U.S. airports, all these years after 9/11: reports

Two internal audits suggest persistent security flaws despite the now-familiar routine of shoeless passengers
Lester B Pearson Airport

Discount airlines are coming. Sound familiar?

A new crop of cheap carriers is coming to shake up Air Canada and WestJet’s duopoly—but it’s unclear if that’ll work this time around
The gates of hell

Why is flying so awful?

With more crowds and delays than ever before, air travel is going to get worse before it gets better

Robert Murray Heath

He’d spent his life flying around the world—he even married his wife on a flight