skatepark UBC

What students are talking about today (Sept. 6 edition)

Skateboarding, Shell, eSports, Indian booze and 1812

The final frontier of boorishness

Female gamers face harassment and contempt online

The revolting sexism of video gamers

Jennifer Hepler’s main fault is being an actual, normal woman
mortal kombat rotator

Mobile games locked in Mortal Kombat

Ed Boon, co-creator of the hugely successful franchise of fighting games, discusses handheld gaming systems
gamers pathfinder

A look inside gamers’ clubs on campus

Why study when you can kill goblins?

Gamers need hugs

Why the gaming industry’s persecution complex is hurting it
On the ground in central London

Online gaming funds North Korean nukes

North Korean hackers are raking in cash to fund their government’s nuclear ambitions
A Wii problem

A Wii problem

Nintendo new product is causing some skepticism
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Study: violent games turn kids into jerks

But so long as the link between the onscreen violence and real life violence isn’t proven, the debate will keep going around in circles
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Look mom, no hands!

Microsoft’s new optical gaming system is all a part of its strategy to take over the living room