Gay Rights

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau walks in Toronto's Pride parade on Jun. 23, 2019. (Chris Young/CP)

The sad politicization of Pride

KC Hoard: Pride parades, when stripped to their most core elements, are public acts of resistance against the powers that continue to limit queer people’s rights

Steinbach Pride: Inside a battle for LGBT rights

Steinbach was famous for being Canada’s most charitable community. Now it’s becoming known for its hostile treatment of its LGBT citizens.

Everett Klippert: An unlikely pioneer of gay rights in Canada

Five decades ago, Everett Klippert’s sexual orientation landed him the title of ‘dangerous sex offender.’ How his case helped shape Canadian history.

Indiana’s elephant in the room

The tables have turned in favour of gay rights in America. The Republican Party is another matter.

Children 404 explores plight of gay kids in Russia

Film playing at Hot Docs festival gives voice to a group that’s all but vanished from Russian public life

Good news, bad news

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio stands up for LGBT rights, while China stands up for North Korea

Pope Francis: The unlikeliest liberal hero?

Perhaps just for now, as Jaime Weinman explains

Gay rights ground zero

Same-sex marriage advocates are focusing on more than 40 legal challenges to state bans

The Pope’s shocking revelations aren’t really news

Francis says the church shouldn’t focus on ‘small-minded rules’

Conservatives and gay rights

What advice the Republican party is receiving

John Baird’s easiest political victory

The foreign affairs minister’s defence of gay rights was a political no-brainer


On whether or not to boycott the Sochi Olympics

At the intersection of sports, politics and human rights