A group of supporters gather around Trudeau during a campaign stop in Toronto on Oct. 13, 2015 (CP/Paul Chiasson)

The biggest divide in Canadian politics? Men vs. Women.

Philippe J. Fournier: If only men voted, the Liberal and Conservatives would be in a statistical tie. Only women: the Liberals win a crushing 226 seats.

Trans people cannot be erased. We have always existed, and will continue to live.

Opinion: A trans poet on what it means to defend an existence, as the U.S. government reportedly plans to define a person’s sex as a biological fact determined at birth

Saskatchewan letting people ditch gender markers on birth certificates could change Canada

If the ruling applies to driver’s licences and health cards in Saskatchewan, it could act as a precedent in other provinces, lawyer says

How one woman challenged Canada’s macho rock-climbing world

Jan Redford’s memoir about rock-climbing, family life and feminism is right on time for the age of #MeToo
Kirstine Stewart

Kirstine Stewart on the limits of “leaning in”

As the former head of the CBC and Twitter Canada embarks on new role, she says it’s time for business to adapt to women’s needs—not the other way around

Celebrity wage gaps where women are paid shockingly less than men

Women reportedly make as little as $0.30 to the dollar compared to their male counterparts
James Damore, Harmeet Dhillon

James Damore doesn’t understand women in STEM—or even STEM itself

Tabatha Southey: James Damore is suing Google for discrimination over his memo. But his beliefs ignore truths about science—and his own industry

The Australian bake sale that inspired our pay equity issue

Madeline Price had no idea her university bake sale would enrage online trolls and cause her to lose control of the story. But Price’s tale has a happy ending.

Why Maclean’s is asking men to pay 26% more for our latest issue

Pay equity is having its moment as the next beat in the cadence of the #MeToo movement. We hope this issue will stir urgent conversation already happening around the world.
ABC’s “Black-ish” – Season Four

Glad you asked: Why your justification for the pay gap is bunk

For too long, employers have gotten away with asinine justifications for paying women less