General Walter Natynczyk

Good news

Good news, bad news: Sept. 15-22

B.C. salmon are radiation-free, RCMP officers get off scot-free for tasering a child


‘Further questioning’

In his letter to the Afghanistan committee late last week, Gen. Walter Natynczyk wrote that “Canadian Forces do not transfer individuals for the purposes of gathering information.” In a letter sent today, the NDP’s Paul Dewar and Jack Harris have asked Gen. Natynczyk to clarify this point.


The past few days in things that are somewhat more consequential

Gen. Walter Natynczyk has written to the special committee on Afghanistan to outline the military’s account of one of the events referenced last week by Malgarai Ahmadshah.


The secret life of Colonel Russell Williams

If police are correct, he was a cold-blooded planner who in hours could transform from commander to monster


‘I haven’t followed it’

Rick Hillier declines to comment on this week’s events.


The pivotal paperwork (II)

The most recent word, received just now from an official at National Defence, is that a response to the question raised yesterday is still being sought.


The Commons: Shrug and dismiss

“This issue has long since been dealt with.”


The pivotal paperwork

The portion of the report that precipitated Natynczyk’s correction appears to have been redacted in 2007


The Commons: ‘Will they stop already?’

Stories are changing, but not the Prime Minister’s


As it happened in the past?

The CBC posts the field notes that apparently led to Walter Natynczyk’s statement this morning. The Globe posts a transcript of the General’s press conference, including his reading of the section commander’s report, which includes this sentence.


Segue of the Day

Jack Layton’s second and third questions today.


‘Clarify some of the inaccuracies’

Richard Colvin’s lawyer tells the CBC that his client will be providing a written response to some of the subsequent testimony offered to the special committee on Afghanistan.