The head of a statue of Sir John A. MacDonald in Montreal, in August 2020 (Graham Hughes/CP)

Burying Sir John A. Macdonald

The first prime minister will no longer be put on a pedestal as the debate turns to what to put up in his place

The seven-decade journey from Auschwitz to justice for the Rohingya

The world’s ’never again’ vow on genocide became a cliché of broken promises. But a recent decision at the International Court of Justice could be a turning point

What the debate around Indigenous genocide says about Canada

Opinion: The MMIWG report finding questions the very foundations of Canadian sovereignty in a way that Canadians have been unwilling to do
In Lahore, Pakistan, protesters carry a banner reading “stop killing rohingya muslims”

Unliked: How Facebook is playing a part in the Rohingya genocide

Opinion: For many, the misinformation spread through Facebook justifies what the United Nations has dubbed a textbook example of ethnic cleansing

Did the Liberals have to wait to call ISIS genocidal?

The author of a new book on ’genocide’ and ’crimes against humanity’ says the terms aren’t just technical legalese
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Hatebase: An anti-genocide app

An NGO hopes tracking hateful tweets can flag mounting ethnic conflict, and even prevent genocide
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The Eichmann Trial

Book by Deborah Lipstadt
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The trouble with ’double genocide’

Efforts to equate Nazi and Soviet atrocities open old wounds on both sides of the old Iron Curtain
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Rwandan jailed for lethal trap

Kalimanzira’s ‘safe haven’ turned out to be a killing ground