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Star Wars sucks. There, we said it.

From 2015: ’Star Wars’ was once lambasted. Now, criticizing it mildly draws vitriol. How did a flawed sci-fi flick become an unassailable cultural force?
Taiwan Japan Porn Problem

How porn parodies avoid copyright restrictions

And why all this make SOPA look even more evil
3D rotator

3D R.I.P.

It was the last hope for business as usual for the entertainment and consumer electronic industries
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Super-sized philanthropy

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett plan to give away half of their fortunes
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Newsmakers: Feuds

What Kevin Smith, Helena Guergis, Star Wars fans and Conan O’Brien all have in common
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How news-savvy are you?

Who’s known as the "devil’s spawn"? What do you know about "Fatgate"? Take our spring Newsmakers quiz.

Adventures in geekdom

Film reviews of ’Adventureland’ and ’Fanboys’