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Kathleen Wynne

Kathleen Wynne’s attack on the Ontario PC carbon tax plan misleads voters

Opinion: Wynne is wrong when she claims the Conservative carbon tax plan will cost families more than cap and trade and do less to cut emissions
Smokestack Cityscape

For Atlantic Canada it’s decision time on carbon pricing

Opinion: Carbon pricing can reduce GHG emissions and maintain healthy economic performance, but only if done right

What Canadians should demand from Trudeau on climate policy

The Trudeau government has yet to answer fundamental questions about both its climate and energy development policy plans

We can’t build pipelines and meet our climate goals

Jason MacLean takes on those who argue a carbon tax will be enough to reduce Canada’s emissions, and lays out a path to meet the Paris climate deal targets

Policy, not pipelines, will determine if we meet our goals

Do pipelines prevent Canada from meeting its targets? Does approving new pipelines mean we’re betting the world won’t act? The answer to both is ’no’.

No, carbon pricing alone won’t be enough to lower emissions

A response to economist Trevor Tombe’s argument against blocking pipelines
Delegates from West Virginia hold signs supporting coal on the second day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio

Why Canada should still put a price on carbon, despite Trump

Even with Trump’s victory, a smart, well-designed carbon pricing policy that addresses competitiveness concerns still makes economic and environmental sense

The Canadian right is failing on carbon pricing

Canada needs a carbon pricing plan but Ottawa’s proposal is flawed, writes a former top pipeline executive. The right should offer fixes, not denialism.

How a revenue neutral carbon price can help Saskatchewan

Experts make the case that Brad Wall’s claim that putting a price on carbon will hurt Saskatchewan is wrong