The Hot Spot: Halifax

Where to eat, drink, play and stay in the seaside city right now

I’m on a waitlist for a doctor with 95,000 Nova Scotians

More than one in ten people from the province are without a doctor. “Watching my prescription run out feels like watching a time bomb ticking down,” says Evelyn Hornbeck

Nikolich, Cathcart, Thomas, Lukas, Coco and Roxy. (Photography by Riley Smith)

This family left their Toronto bungalow for rural Nova Scotia

Nevena Nikolich and Tim Cathcart traded in their urban life to live among the forests and trees outside of Halifax

Halifax’s anti-smoking revolution is all smoke and mirrors

The bold new law that won Halifax plaudits hasn’t cleaned up sidewalks still littered with butts. People puff where they please.

Halifax tried to hide Edward Cornwallis, but we found him

Strapped in a plywood box to a pair of rusting shipping containers is no way to treat the statue of a historical icon. Or is it?

Instead of policy, Gerald Butts and David Axelrod ponder the meaning of political life

The PM’s advisor and the former advisor to Barack Obama met at the Liberal convention to talk about their lives, jobs and the value of attack ads

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s convention speech: “You can count on us, Justin and I”

The most memorable moments from her keynote address—from meeting Trudeau to entering politics and pushing through ‘the hard days’

Can the Liberal national convention in Halifax boost morale?

The slumping party is gathering in Halifax—far from pipeline troubles out West—with a focus more on rallying the troops than making policy

Are west coast seagulls really bigger jerks than their east coast cousins?

A Nova Scotia man once banned from a B.C. hotel for letting pepperoni-feasting seagulls destroy his room claims Maritime gulls would never do that. An ornithologist says otherwise.

Gun violence isn’t just a U.S. problem—and Canada isn’t immune

Opinion: Canada shouldn’t ignore its own gun-violence problems, from rising rates in our cities to inadequate government support

A movement of ‘radical moderates’ takes shape in Halifax

Scott Gilmore began his cross-Canada dinner tour on Monday, regretting a column that sparked the idea and dreading the evening. Then something surprising happened.

The Canadian who has been dodging death for 100 years

Douglas Snair—who narrowly avoided the Halifax Explosion, a train wreck, a ship sinking and more, over the course of a century—may be Canada’s luckiest man