health-care workers

“Everybody is being way more cautious. PPE is being worn all the time. Our surgeries are taking longer because we’re protecting our patients and protecting ourselves, which means we’re doing fewer surgeries during the day.” —Robynne Peters, 46, registered nurse, operating room

Portraits of B.C.’s frontline health care workers as the province flattened the curve

These are the faces of workers in Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, who balanced hazardous jobs with anxious and, in some cases, lonely lives away from the hospital
Dr. Bonnie Henry listens during a news conference on Friday about the provincial response to the coronavirus (Darryl Dyck/CP)

Coronavirus is already taking a toll on Canada’s front-line health-care workers

The unsung heroes of the battle against COVID-19 work gruelling hours while placing themselves in danger. Then they’re forced to isolation and—in some cases—shunned.