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(Photograph by Kathleen Fisher)

Nowhere to buy

Soaring home prices, insane bidding wars and cancelled dreams have spread from urban centres into towns across Canada. How did everywhere become Toronto and Vancouver?
Charts to watch 2021

Charts to watch in 2021: The most important Canadian economic graphs for the year ahead

As we prepare to leave this surreal year behind, experts share charts showing what they’ll watch for in the economy in the coming year
COVID CMHC Mortgages

Deferring your mortgage because of coronavirus could cost you

What you need to know about calculating additional interest costs and protecting your credit score

The people who bought at the peak of Toronto’s real estate bubble, and then lost hundreds of thousands within months

When Toronto-area home prices began their slide, the market served up painful lessons for buyers and sellers alike—and revealed shady behaviour that helped inflate prices in the first place
Newmarket-$250,000 in 6 months(Photograph by Christie Vuong)

A look at some of the Toronto area homes that suffered huge price declines in 2017

A photo gallery of Toronto area homes that were recorded as being sold twice in 2017, and how much the homes declined in value when the market corrected
June 25 2010- Bay Street looked like a very quiet Sunday morning except for a few hundred Cops up an

Canada’s mortgage market might be a cesspool, the federal government just warned

Opinion: A report quietly released by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada warns mortgage specialists are incentivized to sell mortgages that yield higher commissions, with insufficient oversight
Victoria, Canada

Alberta and B.C.’s latest conflict: a new tax that hits vacation homes

A measure designed to curb speculation in B.C.’s overheated housing market is having some unintended consequences for Albertan owners.

Andy Yan, the analyst who exposed Vancouver’s real estate disaster

Hated by politicians, speculators and money-launderers, Andy Yan’s data on Vancouver housing has earned him the right to say, ’I told you so’
Taxes 2015 20160406

How to fix Canada’s ’Ghost Immigrant’ fraud problem

Opinion: Canadian policy makes it easy for unscrupulous wealthy foreigners to dodge their taxes. The solution is surprisingly simple.
BoC Policy Report 20150121

Higher rates could spell comeback for five-year mortgages

Rates are rising with a flood of mortgage renewals coming up. Does that mean it’s time to lock in?