How We Got to 41 Million

For decades, Canada has been a model of inclusive immigration. But over the last few years, the Liberals have admitted too many people, too fast. Why did no one see it coming?
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I always felt uncertain about my future in the U.K. I finally found my home in Calgary.

After moving to three continents, I settled down in Alberta
Neglected small appartment building in a residential street in Ottawa, Ontario, during an autumn afternoon with cars parked

Stopping immigration won’t fix Canada’s housing crisis

Housing policy researcher Carolyn Whitzman says Canada needs a national social-housing program—and much better data

For minister Sean Fraser, immigration and housing are more than just numbers games

Ambitious new immigration targets and a country-wide housing squeeze have Canadians asking: where are we going to put everyone? That’s Fraser’s job to answer.
Illustration of a man with a serious expression surrounded by tomato vines, holding up a phone with an illustration of a family on it

I came to work in Ontario thirteen years ago. I don’t know when my family can join me. 

I spend 12 hours a day in a greenhouse, but the hardest part of my job is being apart from family 
Rio Sucio and highlands, Braulio Carrillio National Park, Costa Rica,

I was living my dream in Costa Rica. Climate change sent me packing back to Toronto.

“I couldn’t help but feel a bit hopeless, knowing the next storm could bring the same, or worse”

How Celine Song’s Past Lives became the surprise indie hit of the year

The semi-autobiographical Canadian film is earning huge Oscar buzz

As a kid, I was the main translator for my immigrant parents. It wasn’t easy. 

“I dealt with bank statements and insurance papers, paid hydro bills and translated during doctor visits.”

I felt at home in Vancouver. Seeing the water and mountains reminded me of Kathmandu.

After three years apart, my partner and I finally reunited in Canada