Indigenous protest

A woman carries sage as people take part in an "abolish the police sit-in" in Toronto in June (Carlos Osorio/Reuters)

What we’re seeing in 2020 is Idle No More 2.0

Pam Palmater: A much larger and more powerful movement than the last, led by Black and Indigenous peoples and supported by millions of Canadians

Why Canada needs an independent Indigenous human rights commission

Natan Obed: B.C.’s provincial UNDRIP law creates a self-reporting obligation, which has proven faulty in the Wet’suwet’en situation

The need for protest

David Moscrop: When resistance to the current order arises, citizens are put to the test. We are forced to reveal our allegiances. What do we think is right and just?

Inside Carolyn Bennett’s fraught picnic

The minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs hosted her regular celebratory Canada Day picnic on Saturday against a backdrop of Indigenous anger and protest.