Photography by Wei Xu

How miniaturists are making tiny design dreams come true

Inside the dopamine-inducing subculture of marvellously micro spaces
(Courtesy of Urban Outfitters)

Why that mushroom lamp took over your TikTok feed—and your living room

Around the end of 2020, the mushroom lamp was everywhere. You can thank TikTok and Instagram’s algorithms for turning our homes into paint-by-numbers.
An aerial shot of a neighbourhood

After months inside, this is what "home" means to Canadians

”Home" has taken on a new significance as many of us have stayed housebound over the last few months. We asked Canadians to reflect on their experiences, and they shared their stories of family, solo isolation, and the comfort that home provides.
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Maclean’s in Conversation: A discussion with Paul Wells and an esteemed guest

A head-to-head with a politician, writer, commentator, artist or panel in an ongoing series, usually hosted by Paul Wells, senior writer
Demonstrators in Washington gather outside the White House to protest the death of George Floyd (Dee Dwyer)

Letters to America from Black Canadians

Eight writers pen open letters to America addressing the task of confronting racism that—deny it as some Canadians might—persists in their own country
Chika Oriuwa, valedictorian of graduating class of 2020, University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine

Chika Oriuwa, valedictorian for U of T’s medical school, gives her address

’I was reminded by my mentors that there was a greater risk in staying silent; advocacy was a form of self-preservation when there are no other options’ 
Meng Wanzhou poses with friends and family on the steps of the Supreme Court building in Vancouver. (Ben Nelms/CBC)

Meng Wanzhou is ready for her close-up

Image of the Week: The Huawei CFO does a cheeky photo-op on the eve of the court decision that will determine her future
A COVID-19 assessment centre in Ottawa. (Adrian Wyld/CP)

Coronavirus in Canada: how to get tested, what the symptoms are, where to get help

A province-by-province breakdown of advice, requirements and who to call if you think you might have it, along with information on who is most vulnerable
Trudeau arrives on Parliament Hill to attend a sitting of the Special Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic (Dave Chan/AFP/Getty Images)

A bit of Trudeau coverage we can all appreciate

Image of the Week: The PM takes the word of Canada’s top public health official to heart—and puts it into action
A patient with COVID-19 is rushed to the intensive care unit after being stabilized and having a breathing tube inserted. (Dr. Dawn Lim)

’I saw fleeting moments no one remembers’: One ER doctor’s photos from the coronavirus frontlines

From fear to compassion to moments of humanity—what the COVID-19 pandemic looks like through the lens of emergency room doctor Dawn Lim