Newer members of CSOR (Canadian Special Operations Regiment) take part in a live-fire culminating drill after 8 months of training. (Richard Lautens/Toronto Star/Getty Images)

Why Canada’s special forces ‘shadow army’ is still fighting ISIS

Adnan R. Khan: With little public notice, our ultra-secretive special forces are increasingly relied upon in overseas conflicts

The al-Hawl camp, where ‘Amira’ was found, was built during the Gulf War to house 20,000 displaced persons; it currently holds more than 70,000 (Delil Souleiman/AFP/Getty Images)

Bring them home

The rescue of the orphan ‘Amira’ has raised pressure on Ottawa to take back other children of Canadians who fought in Syria for ISIS—and to prosecute the fighters here

The terrorists are winning the ‘War on Terror’

Adnan R. Khan: Eighteen years after 9/11, the world is fractured and in turmoil. That was Osama bin Laden’s plan all along.

What happens to ISIS after the death of Baghdadi?

Adnan R. Khan: The nightmare scenario is a reunion with al Qaeda, which would vastly increase the group’s capabilities

ISIS is dead. But it’s not gone.

Adnan R. Khan: Travelling across northern Syria, the ghosts of the world’s most violent terrorist organization are everywhere. The war is far from over.

How ‘Jihadi Jack’ became Canada’s problem

Audrey Macklin: The world is not made safer from terrorism when the U.K. disposes of their unwanted citizens in Canada

Can Canadian soldiers stop the next Iraq insurgency?

The race is on to prepare Iraq for a whole new deadly insurgency led by ISIS fighters, and Canadian soldiers are in the middle of it

Why the ISIS threat lives on

Ahmed Sahi: The terror group is being defeated on the battlefield in Syria, but so long as its social media propaganda spreads, it will remain a powerful force

The last days of ISIS

Adnan R. Khan on the ground with two Canadians: one who joined the Islamic State, the other the Kurds

Life amidst the ISIS insurgency

Adnan R. Khan reports from Syria where normalcy is slowly returning after ISIS, but fear lingers. ‘People say they are everywhere, hiding and waiting.’

The real world effects of Donald Trump’s cluelessness

Adnan R. Khan: If the president’s wildly uninformed decision about Syria is the new norm for U.S. foreign policy, the world is in for a rough ride

Diplomacy is dead—and party politics killed it

In Canada and the U.S., ideology has overtaken rational diplomacy which couldn’t come at a more dangerous time.