Jack Layton

Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh has a lot of work to do

Paul Wells: The NDP leader addressed a stinker of a by-election result in Quebec with a pledge to do more. More of what? ’It’s all on the table.’
NDP leader Jagmeet Singh talks to Paul Wells at the Maclean's Live event at Ottawa's National Arts Centre on February 8, 2018

Jagmeet Singh tries not to pick sides on the Alberta and B.C. pipeline fight

With B.C. and Alberta feuding over the Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline, the new federal NDP leader faces a party unity challenge

’I’m a Laytonist’: In the shadow of the late NDP leader

Jack Layton’s old campaign signs are popping back up. His words are being printed on T-shirts. Why the late NDP leader still resonates this election campaign
Gilles Duceppe, Jack Layton, Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff

Important moments in Canadian election debate history

With Maclean’s debate coming Aug. 6, here’s a look at how a misplaced prop or a perfect one-liner in a debate can affect fortunes—for better or worse

The Year of Parliament

Aaron Wherry on 2013: Mark Warawa, Brent Rathgeber, the Reform Act and a tomato analogy

An excerpt from ’Building the Orange Wave’

The worst thing to do in a crisis is hide and let your opponents have the field, writes Brad Lavigne
Michael Ignatieff

Q&A: Michael Ignatieff on success, failure and his time in politics

’You live and learn,’ says former Liberal leader
Thomas Mulcair; Paul Dewar; Nathan Cullen; Niki Ashton; Peggy Nash; Martin Singh; Brian Topp

The Topp memos

The NDP campaign director explains everything
Thomas Mulcair

The Commons: The NDP convenes with its past and its future

A weekend in Montreal with Mulcair and his brothers and sisters
Question Period

NDP convention: Confirming Thomas Mulcair’s leadership

Mulcair matches Layton’s first leadership review