Joe Oliver


The problem with Joe Oliver’s soothing words on climate change

Stephen Maher: The former finance minister says Canada should focus on the good news about the climate crisis. His argument is thin and his position is conflicted.
Catherine McKenna

Trudeau and resource projects: the urge to get it done

Both Harper and Trudeau declared building pipelines to be in the ’national interest’ yet so far they’ve come up short
Nick Taylor-Vaisey

Three ways budgets have changed in 20 years

Budgets are now longer, more colourful and more conversational than the crusty documents of yore
Finance Minister Flaherty Releases 2014 Federal Budget

Ignore the government debt bogeymen, we have bigger problems

Sometimes the best way to shed the debt burden is to borrow more
Laura Payton. Photograph by Natalie Castellino

A few last words from Joe Oliver

The finance minister on losing his seat, the Liberal surge, and what he plans to do this weekend
Gilles Duceppe,

Election night’s biggest winners and losers

By its very nature, election day sees candidates fall into two camps: winners and losers. Here were the ten most significant or surprising ones.

Fact-check time: Was Canada in a recession or not?

Jason Kirby explains why the Finance Minister’s claim is a stretch
Joe Oliver

Where’s Joe Oliver? Why in Turkey, of course.

It took a little more than two days, but we finally tracked down Joe Oliver, the finance minister of a country in recession—halfway across the world
Emma Teitel

Joe Oliver and the uncool tyranny of the Old Boy Elite

Old Boys still wield power. But as proven by the Finance Minister’s kiboshed Q&A at the Cambridge Club, it’s easy to lampoon.

The top economic indicators to watch before October’s election

It’s the economy, stupid. Here’s Mike Moffatt’s four key metrics you should keep an eye on as we countdown to an election