John Baird


Run, John Baird. For the love of God, run.

Andrew MacDougall: It wouldn’t be easy, but Baird’s entrance would give a stale Conservative leadership race the shakeup it so badly needs
John Baird

Ladies and gentlemen, John Baird is taking calls

Politics Insider for Feb 10: John Baird dances around the leadership question, Trudeau’s tricky African sojourn and the aftermath of Flight 752
John Baird

Those finger-wagging know-it-alls who are sticking up for the Saudis

Stephen Maher: The foreign policy establishment seems to think we shouldn’t mess with the Saudis because there’s money on the table. It’s painful to watch.
John Baird

John Baird, man of Parliament

The shouty face of official retort and yet a much admired parliamentarian
Baird Resigning 20150203

John Baird: ’The time has come for me to start a new chapter’

For the record: John Baird’s remarks in the House of Commons this morning
John Geddes

Baird shouted lots, but had a subtler side, too

Behind politics and policy, the politician cultivated personal relationships that mattered
John Baird

John Baird: A man for all questions

Video: A loyal cabinet minister at times partisan, forthright, dignified and farcical
Paul Wells

Exit John Baird, stage right

Paul Wells on the departure of John Baird from the world stage

John Baird: ’The definitive face of the Harper era’

Maclean’s archives: Aaron Wherry’s profile of Baird from 2010 when the minister was voted by his peers to be Parliamentarian of the Year
Canada’s Foreign Minister Baird speaks during an IISS lecture in Singapore

John Baird and Carl Bildt on protecting digital freedoms

’We see openness as a virtue, others see it as a threat.’