Kathleen Wynne

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‘To all of you who are suffering: be gentle with yourself. There is life after the storm.’

Letters to the editor, March 3, 2022: Readers weigh in on the horrors of long COVID, the electric vehicle boom, and a deep talk with Kathleen Wynne
Trudeau speaks as Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland, seen via videoconference, participate in a news conference on the COVID-19 pandemic in Ottawa, Jan. 5, 2022. (Justin Tang/The Canadian Press)

Trudeau says Canadians are "angry" at the unvaccinated

Politics Insider for Jan. 6: Frustration over more virtual schooling; an honest conversation with Kathleen Wynne; and Trudeau’s COVID burden
(Photograph by Wade Hudson)

Kathleen Wynne on her political downfall and the private advice she gave Doug Ford

The former premier of Ontario talks with Paul Wells about her tumultuous legacy, grappling with the province’s anger, and life after politics
Doug Ford

When it comes to Ontario’s books, Doug Ford must look forward, not back

Opinion: Being premier is not about settling scores, it’s about focussing on the province’s problems and figuring out how to solve them

The secret no government wants you to know: No leader has a ’mandate’

Opinion: Leaders across Canada’s political spectrum have used their ’mandate’ as a defence for their actions. But voters beware: that’s not how our system works
Doug Ford; Justin Trudeau

Trudeau-Ford: The next chapter in Canada’s eternal campaign

Paul Wells: The Ontario Liberals (now in power in Ottawa) meet the Ontario Tories—it’s the latest chapter in a nasty fight that’s been going on for a decade
Michael Coteau in his Toronto office. (Photograph by Jalani Morgan)

Ontario MPP Michael Coteau on the Liberal implosion: ’The simple fact is that we’ve lost’

Heading into the Ontario election, Michael Coteau was in cabinet; now, he’s just one of seven Liberal MPPs left. He speaks about what went wrong in a wide-ranging Q&A

These are all the places Ontario Liberals were beaten on election night

The Liberals lost most of their strongholds. They lost to three other parties. And most of the time, it wasn’t even close.
Doug Ford

How Doug Ford did it

Inside the chaotic Ontario election campaign and the last-ditch effort that put the controversial PC leader in the premier’s office
Leaders of the provincial political parties scrum with media after the final leadership debate before the election at the CBC Building on Front Street

Kathleen Wynne speaks following the Liberals’ crushing election loss - Full video

The outgoing premier held her first press conference following the Liberals’ election loss.