How drag is revitalizing queer culture in rural Canada

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The best and worst places to be a woman in Canada in 2019

The two cities at the top and bottom of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives ranking are only about a three-hour drive apart in southern Ontario
Hon. Albert. No sooner had President Roosevelt’s promise of aid from the United States to Canada; sh

’Pass, friend’: Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s words in Kingston, Ont., resonate today

Opinion: The mayor of Kingston on why we should take heed of the prescient president’s 1938 speech in the Ontario city, and what it said about Canada-U.S. relations

Remembering Gord Downie, Kingston’s king

Opinion: What the Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie meant to his hometown—a place of contrasts, of potential, and of hope
Gord Downie Tribute

Powerful Gord Downie memorial fills Kingston’s Springer Market Square with light and lyrics

"He put passion into everything he did." Tragically Hip fans pay tribute to fallen frontman and Canadian musical icon Gord Downie in his hometown Kingston, Ont.
MUSIC Tragically Hip 20160722

Where to watch the final Tragically Hip show

Canadians everywhere will tune in to the Hip’s show in Kingston on Aug. 20. Tell us: Where will you be watching?

The truth about ’Flora Syndrome’

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What it feels like to canoe Ottawa’s Rideau Canal

It’s one of the most surreal places to canoe in Canada. Padding along the Rideau Canal, the 202-km waterway connecting the city of Ottawa with Kingston, Ont., is a must-do daytrip.
Queen’s football players.

Turf war pits Queen’s against Kingston

University launches #SaveOurFields campaign to push for noise bylaw exemption
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Need to know: Kingston crane operator stars in real-life action adventure

Military helicopter rescue was straight out of the movies