labour unions

A group of workers striking with various signs

A wave of strikes has hit Canada. What does this say about our labour market? 

 “There is a cost of living crisis, there is a cost of housing crisis, there is a cost of food crisis”: A Q&A with labour expert Stephanie Ross

The gig economy keeps growing, but its workers are fed up

Collective action has become a rallying cry around the world for Foodora couriers, Uber drivers, and other gig economy workers. But will the movement be successful?

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Why the government’s proposal to pay parents for missed school days just might work

Right-to-work legislation isn’t worth it

If the goal is economic prosperity, simply lower taxes and cut red tape, says James Cowan

Republicans hit unions where it hurts

Right-to-work laws target the same labour unions that helped fund Obama’s victory

Unions due for a fight with Bill C-377

Private member’s bills typically go nowhere, but one that would force unions to disclose how they spend money appears to have support

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Norway’s oil discovery means more money, more problems

Their offshore oil industry is gushing with good fortune. So why is everyone unhappy?

A game of chicken

The strange labour war at a Quebec chicken shack

Why a small, family-run Quebec restaurant shut down during a bitter fight with its union—for three years

The Devils, hell, and the NHL

“It is no longer clear exactly which frontloaded contracts are kosher and which are treyf”


N.S. community college strike averted

Tentative deal reached in last-minute talks; 25,000 students would have been affected