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How to prepare for medical, law or other Canadian professional schools

Want to be a doctor? How about a lawyer? Start preparing in high school.

These court cases may just be for show. But that’s a moot point.

Mooting, where teams play out a mock court case, can be fierce—and the once extracurricular activity is now often on the curriculum
Lakehead’s Faculty of Law

Law school in Canada: what will it cost?

Comparing tuition fees at Canada’s common and civil law schools
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The new faces of law school in Canada

The LPP, an alternative to traditional articling, attracts students who don’t fit the traditional mould
Trinity Western University

New Brunswick lawyers approve Christian law school

Provincial law societies divided over school that would prohibit homosexuality
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The false debate over Trinity Western

Defending TWU’s accreditation has less to do with religious rights than annoyance at gays
SEPTEMBER 15 – 2009 – Campus life at the University of Toronto. Law Faculty.

U of T Law School Access Program may spread

Low-income students who got free test prep are gaining admission
Activists Pray In Front Of Supreme Court During Oral Arguments

The law, the Lord and one giant cross to bear

What role would a Christian law school play in broader Canadian society?
Osgoode Hall law students in the new Gowlings Hall

Proposed law schools in Newfoundland and B.C. move forward

Profession grows despite concerns about too many lawyers
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’I didn’t go to law school to become an academic’

Future lawyers push for more practical skills