My career as a lawyer almost destroyed me

The hustle culture of litigation led me into a spiral of mental illness and addiction
Osgoode Hall law students in the new Gowlings Hall

Proposed law schools in Newfoundland and B.C. move forward

Profession grows despite concerns about too many lawyers
Mary Eberts Waterloo 4

Should professors speak out more?

Esteemed law professor Mary Eberts thinks so
McGill University law library

The articling shortage continues

Law students struggling to find work
bye-bye Bay Street

Goodbye Bay Street. Hello Humboldt.

From the 2011 Maclean’s Professional Schools Issue
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Judging the judge in Conrad Black’s appeal

Richard Posner is considered brilliant—and ‘callous’
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UToronto to offer bridging for foreign-trained lawyers

Program will offer academic training, language referrals, career services and employment counselling to lawyers who want to practice in Ontario
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UNB students petition for wrongfully convicted man

Dying Ontario man was convicted of murder in New Brunswick 34 years ago
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Want to be a lawyer? Go down under

If you don’t make the cut in Canada, Bond University wants you
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A closed society

SPECIAL REPORT: While other nations are opening up their legal systems, Canada lags behind