I help librarians handle book bans. Here’s why it’s getting worse.

“Book ban movements are shutting down important conversation, rather than encouraging diversity of thought and exposing kids to new lived experiences”

The Big Idea: Defend Drag Shows

We need a way to protect LGBTQ+ Canadians—especially drag performers—from harm. An Ontario traffic law could work.

Chosen Family: JJ Levine’s ’Queer Portraits’ series

In his Queer Portraits series, Montreal photographer JJ Levine set out to document his own community. He captured the story of a much bigger one.
(Illustration by Lauren Tamaki)

When I moved to Canada from Syria, I could finally be myself

“I love living in a place where I can be free about my sexuality without being judged.”

How drag is revitalizing queer culture in rural Canada

The growing popularity of drag shows in places like Kingston has turned performers into celebrities
On July 19, Prokop (seen here at the Saddledome) became the first active player under NHL contract to publicly come out as gay (Candice Ward/Calgary Hitmen)

Luke Prokop on striving to reach hockey’s pinnacle—on his own terms

The 20-year-old defenceman from Edmonton hopes to play for the NHL in 2022, making him the first openly gay player to do so
O’Toole takes questions from the media during a press conference in downtown St. John's, N.L. on July 26, 2021 (Paul Daly/CP)

The Conservatives’ murky position on ’conscience rights’ in health care

Justin Ling: The Tory platform says the party will protect conscience rights in health care, but won’t say whether that might restrict access to abortion or deny care to trans people

Don’t fear the social conservatives

The organized SoCon wing looms large over the Tory leadership race. A new report suggests it would tolerate a moderate leader.

LGBTQ people and ’the harm being done by the Christian religion’

Michael Coren talks to the theologian and author Charles Fensham about the hatred toward LGBTQ people in conservative Christianity and how to stop it

The question that haunts Andrew Scheer

Andrew MacDougall: When Scheer was asked if he believes being gay is a sin, he couldn’t say ’no’. It’s a major political problem in Canada in 2019.