James’s channel includes a series on ‘How to build a rustic log cabin,’ with videos on putting in door frames, insulation and avoiding injury.

These Canadians are roughing it on YouTube for millions of fans

With their chickens, preserves and off-grid adventures on full display, Canada’s homesteading YouTubers are escaping the ills of modern life—in a thoroughly modern format
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How to fight the climate crisis with electricity

Canada can cut its emissions by scaling up one of our oldest technologies
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The hardest climb

A group of outdoor adventurers are revolutionizing how their sports treat the survivors of tragic accidents
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After an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, these sisters became Tiktok stars

Two women in B.C. show that you can own your dementia—one irreverent TikTok at a time
Brian Doucette (Jody Van Norden)

One man’s mission to find the presidential origins of his cabinet

How a troubling diagnosis led Nova Scotia’s Brian Doucette on a quest for the truth about his furniture
Dog looking guilty

Pandemic puppies have a major anxiety problem

All those dogs Canadians adopted during the pandemic? They’re a little undersocialized now.
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The key to survival: Find five people. Hold them close.

Close relationships—about five of them—are as essential as food and water, according to this author
(Courtesy of Charmaine Traynor-Ruitenberg/ Mark Kelly)

To my birth mother: ‘I’m not searching for who I want to be anymore—I’m discovering who I am’

‘Thank you for your love and bravery,’ Charmaine Traynor-Ruitenberg writes to the woman who gave her up for adoption
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The joy of clutter

Surrounding ourselves with things we love is a salve in trying times