How safe is our food?

The Globe finds confusion around our food safety system.

The meat of the matter

Charcuterie is the meat of the matter

Foodies bring charcuterie home, making everything from bacon to prosciutto


The quiet cuts

Last week, Environment Canada declared 60 scientists and researchers to be surplus.


In which direction shall we move?

Randomly selected excerpts from Gerry Ritz’s press conference this afternoon.


And now, an important — and likely relieved — word from Gerry Ritz

Liveblogging the government’s response to the Weatherill Report on listeriosis

The Weatherill Report on listeriosis makes 57 recommendations

Results of the six-month investigation are released


Please refer to Ritz v. Good Taste

Of course, there is a precedent for ministers of the crown making uncouth remarks about the suffering of Canadian citizens in private only to have those comments later broadcast publicly.

The Commons: “To all our parliamentarians, where are you?”

While 30,000 Tamil supporters were protesting outside, the discussion in the House was of other matters entirely


‘This is a sad commentary on Parliament’

A Parliamentary investigation into the listeriosis outbreak goes nowhere.


Try the veal (II)

Because it went over so well the first time, Gerry Ritz responded to a question today from Wayne Easter about listeriosis with a joke about the Liberal’s health.