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Joshua Whitehead takes on CanLit

In ‘Making Love With the Land,’ Whitehead moves between genres and languages in a series of essays that open up a whole new window on the meaning of Canadian literature
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What do you do when your mother is Miriam Toews?

Debut novelist Georgia Toews is carving her own literary path, with some sage advice from her celebrated parent

Meet the muses behind Robert Munsch’s most iconic stories

They were the kids who inspired some of the legendary author’s best-loved stories. Now, they’re all grown up.
Sheila Heti (Photograph by Carmen Cheung)

Sheila Heti redefines what a novel can be

The author set out to write a book ‘that no one can say what it’s about.’ And possibly created a whole new genre.
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Books provided a welcome escape from screens during the pandemic

As objects that are perfect in a lockdown, books are making for good business during the COVID crisis. Will it continue into 2021?
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‘Little Women’ 2.0: The classics take over YouTube

Like many literary heroes, the March sisters have found a 21st-century audience online
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Tennessee Williams turned despair into art

A masterful, in-depth analysis of the playwright’s life and art

Short stories are beautiful, but will they sell?

Prizes and critics are in love with short stories these days. It’s those pesky readers . . .
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What I think of Gilmour’s serious-white-guys-only policy

Prof. Pettigrew on the limits of ’teach what you love’
Harry Potter

Harry Potter casts spell on Canadian campuses

Students connect through Potter clubs and classes