Kristi Herrling has four young children and a practice of more than 1,000 patients. She works from 7:30 a.m. until late into the night, finding time in between to pack lunches, give goodbye kisses, brush teeth and read bedtime stories. (Photos by Grant Harder)

A doctor’s dilemma

My job as a family physician in small-town British Columbia is a dream come true. It’s also nearly impossible to do.
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Len and Cub: A secret love

Len Keith and Cub Coates fell for each other in early 20th-century New Brunswick, at a time and place where queer relationships were taboo. Their story was almost lost forever—until a collection of tender photographs brought their romance into the light.
(Photograph by Allison Seto)

The hardest climb

A group of outdoor adventurers are revolutionizing how their sports treat the survivors of tragic accidents

The hunt for B.C.’s most notorious fisherman

Scott Steer made a career flouting Canada’s commercial fishing laws and the officers who enforce them. One dreary night in Vancouver, it all caught up to him.

Canadian paramedics are in crisis

PTSD, burnout, and a pandemic. How COVID pushed the country’s overworked first responders into emergency territory

The nurse imposter

Brigitte Cleroux faked her credentials and treated hundreds of patients across Canada. Why did no one stop her?
(Photography by Erik Tanner)

Emily St. John Mandel can’t stop writing about pandemics

Her novel Station Eleven imagined a world ravaged by a pandemic long before COVID-19 existed. Now, she’s gone through one herself.
(Illustration by Selman Hoşgör)

After an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, these sisters became Tiktok stars

Two women in B.C. show that you can own your dementia—one irreverent TikTok at a time
March 8, 2022. A school gym is converted into a makeshift field hospital. (Photograph by Philip Cheung)

Scenes from the war in Ukraine

When Russia invaded, Canadian photographer Philip Cheung travelled to Kyiv to capture the devastation
Kirsten Hillman, for Maclean’s magazine

Kirsten Hillman on U.S. protectionism and the possible return of Donald Trump

Canada’s first female ambassador to the U.S. talks Canada’s relationship with its neighbour to the south and why things aren’t as tense as they seem