Cottage Industry: Interlake, “the fisherman’s friend”

Surging prices, bidding wars, blind offers—the search for seasonal real estate has become a battlefield. Tales from 10 of Canada’s hottest vacation towns.

Heather Stefanson at the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg on November 2, 2021. (David Lipnowski/Canadian Press)

Manitoba has a new premier, and it’s not Shelly Glover

Politics Insider for Nov. 3, 2021: Heather Stefanson takes over, and her rival refuses to concede; America sends an ambassador

Kenney and Moe speak during a press conference at the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show in Weyburn, Sask. on June 5, 2019 (CP/Michael Bell)

The reality of carbon prices sinks in

The provinces that resisted the federal plan will now have to chart a new path. But they already quietly understood what needs to be done.

‘Kindness rocks’ spread around Winnipeg carry messages of optimism and commemoration (Photographs by Shannon VanRaes)

Winnipeg is Canada’s ‘Kindness Rock’ capital

Winnipeg has fallen for the phenomenon like no other Canadian city, allowing its parks and streetscapes to fill with tiny seeds of cheer

Guests take photos of the Brandon Police Service's new armoured response vehicle during the vehicle's unveiling at Assiniboine Community College's Public Safety Training Centre at their Victoria Avenue East campus on Thursday. (Tim Smith)

The armour-plated blue line in Brandon, Man.

The growing militarization of police—from SWAT teams to so-called ‘rescue’ vehicles—is under scrutiny

Canada’s worst violent crime problem is in Thompson, Man.

The northern city is struggling with stabbings, assaults, gun crimes and other offences. It can’t solve the problem on its own.

The biggest piece of land for sale in Canada right now

Anthony Markus started farming in Manitoba’s Carrot Valley with $10,000 and 400 acres. Today his property is part of a 24,000-acre parcel up for sale for $53 million.

The rise of the Republic of the Northwest

David J. Bercuson and Barry Cooper imagine a future where western territories have split from Canada to escape the bureaucratic despotism of Ottawa

When Churchill needed Ottawa, the town was ignored. Now, Ottawa needs Churchill

Opinion: If solving the struggles of the Manitoba town’s residents wasn’t enough, the federal government had plenty of other reasons to have stepped in sooner

The trauma of high school gym class

Peter Shawn Taylor: Humiliations on the parquet floor linger long into adulthood and could even have public health consequences says a new study

Brian Pallister is Manitoba’s paradox premier

How, exactly, has Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister been able to ride out every controversy he’s created in his decades-long political career?

Greyhound Canada’s cuts are a public safety crisis for Indigenous people

Opinion: Indigenous people will be disproportionately affected by the loss of one of the few—if not only—modes of accessible transportation in remote places