Halifax’s anti-smoking revolution is all smoke and mirrors

The bold new law that won Halifax plaudits hasn’t cleaned up sidewalks still littered with butts. People puff where they please.

The latest trend in cannabis: ’hauter’ cuisine

Microdosing and terpene-pairing are about to give a whole new meaning to the high in ‘haute cuisine’
Young Couple Having Fun at Park

The program whose students who report the highest marijuana use: Survey

For the second year in a row, drama students report using more marijuana than their peers in other programs
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Reported marijuana use ’higher’ at Canadian universities in 2019: Survey

In the annual Maclean’s survey, Canadian university students report more frequent use of marijuana

Puff luck: Provincial pot websites have hugely uneven supply and selection

Our survey of the sites found ridiculously irregular inventory across the country, reflecting problems in the market as a whole
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The how-to you need to read before getting into cannabis retail

Defending the demon weed to John Diefenbaker

John Robinson was a normal teenager with bold ideas on pot legalization. But he was from a troubled home, got hooked and eventually came to a breaking point.
Michael R. Bloomberg addresses a sold-out crowd in Toronto as the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada’s 2nd John H. McArthur Distinguished Fellow

Michael Bloomberg is anti-Trump, pro-Canada and anti-marijuana

In Toronto, the potential Democratic presidential candidate also condemned the president’s comments on the Huawei case
Cannabis Legalization Day Celebration In Toronto

Clearing pot charges from Canadians’ records would be a good start—but it’s not enough

Opinion: The Canadian government should explore reparations for people whose cannabis-related criminal offences have stopped them from fully participating in society

Comparison shopping in Edmonton, the temporary pot capital of Canada

Somehow the city rang in Oct. 17 with more legal pot shops than any of its Canadian counterparts. We paid them all a visit.