Alibay programmed NASA’s Perseverance rover to visit several sites on Mars, including the Jezero Crater, a dried-up lake bed (Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS)

A NASA engineer on Mars and life in the universe: ’It would be very lonely if it were only us’

Farah Alibay’s fixation with knowing how things work led to a career pondering life’s biggest questions
China Space Mars Mission

China’s mission to Mars opens a new phase of the Space Race

Image of the Week: Beijing unabashedly depicts space exploration as a patriotic and military-led endeavour
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Why Saturn’s moon Titan is the best spot for an off-world colony

The cost of creating even a tiny extraterrestrial colony is far greater than the cost of fixing Earth’s problems

The interview: Matt Damon on living like a Martian

Matt Damon on working with Ridley Scott and NASA, and what he’d eat if he was lost in space
Exomars PHASE B1 8.05.2008

Mars: When do we get to visit?

’We now have an imperative to send astrobiologists to Mars,’ says John Grunsfeld administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate
Kate Lunau

There’s water on Mars—but is there life?

Some scientists think the answer might lie underneath the Martian surface

Video: NASA announces major Mars water discovery

Watch highlights from the NASA press conference, held at 11:30 a.m. ET

What do Canada’s astronauts think of the Mars One program?

One astronaut believes it’s a ’fraud’. To another, it’s ’unethical.’ Does Mars One make sense?
Z2 suit. NASA.

Is this the spacesuit of the future?

If we’re going to send humans to Mars, we’re going to need a new spacesuit. And that requires decades of inventing and testing—plus danger and hope.

Newsmakers of the day: Canada’s Mars One semi-finalists

Newsmaker, Feb. 17: Four Ontarians, two British Columbians are among the Mars mission’s top 100 contenders