Maryam Monsef

Maryam Monsef on the violence against women and girls crisis

The minister talks to Anne Kingston about the Liberals’ second annual report card on the gender-based violence strategy, and what still needs to be done

Maryam Monsef: There is no Liberal form of feminism. There is simply feminism.

On the heels of a social media debate between Status of Women minister Maryam Monsef and Conservative MP Michelle Rempel about the meaning of feminism, Maclean’s asked both to write. Ms. Rempel was unable to file by deadline. Here is Ms. Monsef’s submission.

Justin Trudeau’s mid-life crisis

After a series of stumbles and setbacks the Liberals have an ambitious but risky plan to break their slump and get back on track

Government proposes Bill C-65 to tackle workplace harassment

The bill would force employers to take action but doesn’t mandate specific sanctions for perpetrators

Throw another minister on the bonfire: the ballad of Bill Morneau

Paul Wells on the finance minister’s tax reform flub, and why it’s becoming an embarrassing pattern for the Trudeau government

What happened to Justin Trudeau’s all-star Cabinet?

Trudeau’s team, once touted as star-studded, is badly underperforming—and the pressure’s now on to deliver

Canadian politicians need to stop saying ‘math is hard’

Suggesting math is hard for women reflects ignorance more than sexism. Politicians keep falling into the trap.

A cabinet shuffle’s winners and losers: Ottawa Power Rankings

Our weekly round-up of whose political fortunes are rising and falling on Parliament Hill

Was Maryam Monsef ‘demoted’ in Trudeau’s cabinet shuffle?

Cabinet clout has little to do with the noun in the minister’s title. What matters more are the priorities handed down in each minister’s mandate.

What you need to know about Trudeau’s cabinet shuffle

As Chrystia Freeland rises, Maryam Monsef falls. And as two Liberal vets move on, two ministers to watch move in

Q&A: Mark Holland on electoral reform consultations—and what comes next

Under heavy fire, a key Liberal voice on changing how we vote defends the government’s approach to electoral reform

Justin Trudeau is just not that into you

The farce and how Canada’s boyfriend suddenly lost interest in us