McGill University

Many buildings at McGill are being repaired, including Morrice Hall (Photograph by Stacy Lee)

Deferred maintenance: Universities can’t keep up with expensive upkeep and repairs

Canadian universities need repair but are short of the money required to mend historic buildings and upgrade antiquated facilities. Across the country, the total cost was as high as $17.2 billion in 2019.
Building and classroom safety measures in the Maanjiwe Nendamowinan building at the UofT Mississauga Campus (Nick Iwanyshyn/University of Toronto)

Can Canada’s universities survive COVID?

Fewer international students, half-full residences, shuttered food services and empty parking lots add up to devastating revenue losses. And public funding has fallen over the past decade. Universities are in for a reckoning.

Why it’s time for Canada to introduce self-testing HIV kits

New cases of HIV are rising dramatically in Canada. And self-testing kits are nearly as easy to use as a home pregnancy test.

Canada’s Top Medical Doctoral University 2020: McGill

The school’s dedication to research and new initiatives helps its influence stretch far beyond its home campus
McGill students walking hand in hand on campus

McGill University: student life on campus

An insider’s guide to the best place to study, hangover breakfast and more

Canada’s Top Medical Doctoral University 2019 (Tie): McGill University

Exciting McGill initiatives include virtual-reality spinal surgery and a program that reduces stress in first-year students
McGill University, 2017

McGill University: student tips for surviving life on campus

Where to find the best place to study, cheap lunch, favourite watering hole and more
Canada: Students at McGill, Concordia walk out of classes over sexual violence inaction

McGill fails to protect against sexually abusive professors, students say

Faculty join call for a ban on relationships between staff and students, among other changes

A McGill alumnus with some questions for his alma mater

Evan Solomon wrote to McGill with pointed questions about how it handled the Andrew Potter affair. The answers did not impress.
The McGill University campus is seen in Montreal

CAUT prepares investigation into McGill and Potter resignation

A national group representing academic staff raises questions over Andrew Potter’s resignation