Harper waves after addressing the Canada Day crowd on Parliament Hill on July 1, 2015 (Fred Chartrand/CP)

Stephen Harper vs. the Media, round infinity plus two

Andrew MacDougall: Harper’s take on his 2015 loss may have missed the mark, but there is also more truth to it than the Canadian media would like to admit
The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit Johannesburg – Day Two

Harry and Meghan’s ’bombshell’ lawsuit

Harry alleges that the Mail on Sunday’s publication of Meghan’s letter to her father is part of a ’ruthless campaign’ against her

The outliers of Canadian media

Christina Gonzales: The reporting of Trudeau’s blackface shed light on one of Canada’s biggest diversity challenges—there aren’t enough people of colour in journalism

What the media isn’t covering during this election

Andrew MacDougall: Andrew Scheer’s ’Universal Tax Cut’ is his biggest policy announcement to date, and it’s not all obvious that it even happened

Will Meghan Markle go glam for her first appearance with her new baby?

Some hope the Duchess of Sussex will flout tradition and not get completely dolled up right after the physical ordeal of childbirth
Doug Ford

Why Doug Ford and Jason Kenney are treating the media as enemies

The Trump-style drive to undermine confidence in the press has made its way to Canada. And it’s showing signs of success
Stacked newspapers close up. (Stefan Wolny/Shutterstock)

Instead of mourning local news, try paying for it

Opinion: The relationship Canadians have with local news suffers from complacency—never has it been so easy to access so much news
Chris Alexander, on the steps of the Alberta legislature for a Rally for Alberta held by Rebel Media. (Screen capture)

Can we maintain a common Canadian decency?

Opinion: Chris Alexander on the Rebel, the media, and what Canada has done right—and must keep doing—to keep populism at bay
Ezra Lavent. (Photograph by Chris Bolin)

Why the Rebel’s yell won’t be stifled so quickly

Ezra Levant has built up a money-making operation through videos and donations. With its international audience, it’s unlikely to wither.
Stacked newspapers close up. (Stefan Wolny/Shutterstock)

Why Canadians are closer to losing their news than they think

The depth of Canada’s media problem is only truly visible by looking at the country’s most popular news access point: Facebook