Penner (left) with Crystal McMahon, her birth mother (Courtesy of Brittany Penner)

A letter to my first mother: You did not raise me but I consider you my mother still

‘I now realize I was never unwanted, but rather imperfectly loved by imperfect people,’ writes Brittany Penner to her birth mother

How ’race-shifting’ explains the surge in the number of Métis in Eastern Canada

An increase in self-reported “Métis” people raises questions about which groups are authentic inheritors of Indigenous nationhood
Bell of Batoche

One of the biggest mysteries in Metis history gets even more puzzling

Billyjo Delaronde stole and hid the Bell of Batoche—ripped from the Metis in 1885, and held in a legion—for 22 years before giving it up. Now, in a way, it’s missing again.
Archive photo of a group of female students and a nun posing in a classroom at Cross Lake Indian Residential School

Celebrated Metis poet delivers poignant view of residential school life

Joan Crate’s novel Black Apple takes readers inside a 1940s Prairies school

Colleges promise to meld Indigenous learning into programming

About 40 schools have promised to hire more Indigenous staff and integrate Indigenous culture into the learning experience

Success, one student at a time

How universities are embracing the Aboriginal baby boom
Missing image

Maclean’s Interview: John Ralston Saul

John Ralston Saul talks to Kate Fillion about racism, our ‘metis’ culture, and our elites’ inability to understand problems